West Cyclades




In a distance of only 2 1/2 hours with the ship and 4 1/2 hours with the fast ferries, in the deep blue of the Aegean sea, bright as a picture, appears the island of SERIFOS.

Visit the beaches like Plisi Ammos, which has been granted the first prize among the 20 most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Visit the graphic villages, the magic architecture of the castle of Chora and leave yourselves to the touch of the sun. Enjoy the hospitality of the locals, the excellent food and the entertainment.


In Livadi, the port of the island, there are many hotels for your stay, taverns, cafes, types of popular art shops and hand made decorative things. There is also night life and you can enjoy yourself until the morning.    

There is also one of the biggest sandy beaches of the island, Avlomonas.

If you want, you can find out the sea bend and be charmed by its beauty. There is a diving club operating on the island.

The island is very appropriate for the walkers and the paved with stone paths leads you to beaches, historical locations and little churches.



Indicative Routes:

Chora - Castle - Livadi

Kallistos - Chora

Chora - Ai Giorgis - Gyftika

Akonidia - Aspropyrgos - Koutalas

Gyftika - Varsamo - Panagia

Panagia - Sykamia

Pyrgos - Galani - Sykamia



Livadakia are near to Avlomonas. There you can find shops, cafes so you can spare your time pleasantly until late at night. You should also visit the beaches Karavi and Kalo Ampeli.

As you reach the bay of Koutala, you will see the magnificent beaches of Vagia, Ganema and Koutala. At the two last beaches there are taverns where you can eat.

The little port of Megalo Livadi offers you moments of relaxation. You can swim,  drink a coffee or taste the local food. There it is also the new-classic building where the management of the mines was sheltered.

It is also worth visiting Megalo Chorio where the ruins of the Hellenistic Tower are, which is called Lefkos Pyrgos or Aspropyrgos. At the location Kastro tis Grias is still a part of the wall and a few houses.

There are many beautiful places in the villages too, like Panagia where the oldest church of the island is. Panagia was built in 950-1000. In Sykamia, the port of the villages Panagia and Galani, with the big and fabulous beach you can enjoy swimming or sitting at a tavern area, where there are also rooms to rent, as the most places of the island.


Chora the capital of the island is built amphitheatrically on a rocky hill. It is built in a traditional cycladic style, with many churches and picturesque alleys which they lead to the highest spot of the castle, where the church of St. Constadinos is. There you can admire the great view. It is also very important the little church of St. John, which is carved on the rock.

Chora is separated in two neighborhoods: Pano Chora and Kato Chora.

At your way back from the castle, you will meet Pano Piatsa where the marvelous town hall is and the cathedral of St. Athanasios (built in 17th century) with a wood carved iconostasis.

There you can rest, drinking a coffee or tasting the hand made sweets and the local titbits and drinking excellent quality wine.

At the alleys of Chora, there are stores with elegant hand made objects, which challenge you to visit them.

You can also live the night life of Chora at the local clubs.

At Mylous, there is a archeological museum with a great collection of many exhibits, which is absolutely deserved to be visited.

At Kato Chora there is a Pop Art museum, which is owned by the union of the Serifians. There you can see textiles, household equipment, porcelains and samples of the mineral wealth. By this way you live for a while the life of the local people at older years.

At the back of the museum there is the Open Theatre, where many artistic and cultural displays take place.

Do not miss to visit the Monastery of Taxiarhon witch was founded at 1600. It was used as a fort and there you can see the icon of the archangels, which had been carried from Cyprus. In the monastery is also the Holy Code.

Do not miss to visit the beach Platis Gialos and rest at the tavern to admire the deep blue sea.

Will traveling around the island you will find the graphic Kentarhos and its beach that is named after the village, that you can reach through some passable paths.

You should also visit the beaches Ai Giannis and Agios Sostis. The second one is separated in two other beaches Lia and Tsilipaki. Most of the beaches are approachable by car or motorcycle, but there many that you can reach by foot through paths.

Local transportation covers main routes, but you can also use taxi  or you can rent car or motorcycle to reach your destination. You can also make the round of the island by boat, which is offered for daily excursions.

During the summer you will be lucky to live the religious spirit of the local people. They make you live with them unforgettable moments with their hospitality, the tables with the local dishes on them and the amusements, which last until the morning.

Some dishes you should taste from the local cuisine are: chick peas, marathos balls, local cheese and of course the domestic wine.




Useful Phone Numbers

22810 51210


22810 51300

Port Authority

22810 51470

Local Medical Office

22810 51202


22810 51205

Hellenic Post Office 

22810 51239


6944 473044

ΤΑΧΙ Vagelis

6944 908637

ΤΑΧΙ Christos

6973 801051

ΤΑΧΙ Kaliopi

6932 431114
Gas Station ELIN 22810 51512 
Association of Rented Rooms & Apartments 22810 51200
Municipal Information Office 22810 52606



 Alpha Bank

22810 51739, 22810 51780




Archaeological Areas & Museum
Archaeological Museum at Chora

22810 51181

Folk Museum at Chora

22810 51138 

Monastery of Taxiarches

22810 51027 





Psili Ammos











Mega Livadi

Agios Sostis

Platis Gialos



Kalo Ampeli

Ellinika  Notino 
Kountouros Malliadiko
Koutalas Dio Gialoudia


Distances km
Livadi - Ramos 1,5 χλμ.
Livadi - Psili Ammos 2 χλμ.
Livadi - Chora 5 χλμ.
Livadi - Vagia 5 χλμ.
Livadi - Agios Ioannis 5 χλμ.
Livadi - Ganema  12 χλμ.
Livadi - Galani 13 χλμ.
Livadi - Platis Gialos 15 χλμ.
Livadi - Avesalo 15 χλμ.
Livadi - Sikamia 17 χλμ.
Livadi - Kentarchos 18 χλμ.
Chora - Panagia

5 χλμ.

Chora - Galani

5 χλμ.

Chora - Sikamia 10 χλμ.

Chora - Platis Gialos

10 χλμ.

Chora - Kentarchos

11 χλμ.

Chora - Mega Livadi

12 χλμ.

Chora - Koutalas

14 χλμ.




Festivities (in summer)
St. Anargiri

1 July

Profitis Ilias 

20 July

St. Paraskevi

26 July


6 August

Panagia at  Rammos and at Skopous 

15 August


15 August


16 August

Panagia Miliani

24 August

Ai Giannis

29 August
St. Mammas 2 September
St. Sostis 7 September
Panagia on the mountain 8 September
Pano Stavros 14 September
St. Thekla 23 September

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