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The picturesque Kythnos is located very near to Attica between Tzia and Serifos. It is only a 3 hours distance with a regular ship or 1.5 hour with a fast ship and there is also a coastal link from Lavrio. Kythnos is daily linked with Serifos, Sifnos, Milos and Kimolos.

Kythnos or Thermia will certainly be engraved to your memory with the Cycladic landscape, the dry stones, the picturesque bays, the magnificent "lacy" shores, the 359 churches, the windmills and the picturesque villages.

On the island there are many shores, some of which are accessible by car or on foot and some others beckon you to explore them by boat.

The fans of underwater fishing will be rewarded with the plentitude and the variety of the fish that they will find.    

In Mericha, the port of Kythnos, you will find hotels and tourist accommodations that will make your stay more pleasant. Also at the picturesque taverns and restaurants you will taste fresh fish.

Kythnos residents are known for their religious and family spirit, which they preserve in their cultural heritage.


Kythnos is suitable for romantic strolls in its picturesque villages as well as at the alleys of Chora, which is the capital of the island. It is worth visiting St. Savas with the inscription (1613), the church of Sotira built in 17th century, St. Trinity the oldest church of the island, the monastery of Panagias of Nikous, where you will see the epitaph of Panagia.

Every year on the 15th of August one of the biggest religious festivals is organized.

You should also visit the monastery of Prodromos in Chordaki, with the wood sculpture of 16th century, the Wind and the Solar park where the windmills produce electric power using the the wind and sun power.

Do not miss to rest at Piatsa drinking a coffee or tasting the local dishes and buying the traditional products.


In the traditional Driopis (Driopida) or Syllaka, as the residents call it, you will admire the popular traditions which revive and the exhibits and the sights of the museum.

It is worth visiting the cave Katafyki, which was used during the World War II as a shelter, the old aqueduct of Duraka, the church of St. Mina with the fabulous wooden carved iconostasis, and the Popular Art museum with a rich collection of traditional things.

After Driopida, the road leads to Flabouria, where you will find a church that was named after the region, one of the oldest on the island.

Passing by the church of Panagia Stratialatisa, we end up in the settlement of Agios Dimitrios, in the southern tip of the island, with a beach known for its natural beauty and lilies.  There you can taste and enjoy delicious dishes at the picturesque taverns. In this route are located Kalo Livadi, Liotrivi, Agios Stefanos, Ai Giannis, Vasilika, Lefkes and the complex of three small sand shores of Zogaki, Kouri and Naousa.


In Loutra, the coastal settlement with the picturesque port and the beautiful beaches of Agia Irene, Loutra, Schinari and Maroula, besides swimming, you will enjoy the dishes and the sweets at the taverns and cafes on the sand. There are also bars and clubs for an amusing night life. You can also find hotels and rooms to let.

Loutra has a marina for the yachts, as well as Xenia which was built by the German architect Chiller.

Near Loutra there is the Castle of Oria or Katakefalou, built on steep rocks. In this place are located the well known spas. The warm springs are two. One of them (Ag. Anargiron) is in the hydrotherapy building and the other one (Kakkavou, with a temperature of 52oC) is 50 meters away. The health spas were used by the king Otto and the queen Amalia in the past. The spas water is suitable for the treatment of various ailments.


In the unique pine tree forest, Panagia Kanala, is the tourists favorite place. Silent and protected from the wind, with fine shores, dressed in green, with a great view of the deep blue sea.

The area named after the church of Panagia Kanala (protector of the island), each year attracts a great number of believers who come to worship her Grace, where on the biggest religious festivals takes place. At the festival local boys and girls give a unique color wearing traditional costumes. In the church there is a miraculous icon which was made by the painter Antonis Skordilis, who lived in Kythos at 17th century. It is also said, that the icon was made by Apostle Lucas.

In Kythnos you will taste the traditional Greek cuisine, domestic meats and fresh fish. The domestic cuisine suggests sfuggata, pork sausages, thermian pies, caper, chick peas in the oven and domestic cheese (feta, trima, kopanisti). For desert you should taste the almond sweets, pasteli and the delicious honey at your breakfast.

Before you leave Kythnos don't forget to buy the well known hand made ceramics.

CAVE "Katafyki - George Martinos Sybetheroulis"    -    ANCIENT MAROULA (Loutra)




Useful Phone Numbers

22810 31277


22810 31201

Port Authority

22810 31290

Local Medical Office

22810 31202


22810 32240

Driopis Medical Office

22810 32234

Curative Springs of Loutra

22810 31217
Hellenic Post Office  22810 31239
ELIN 22810 31419
Tourist Union Accommodation 22810 31601
Tourist Agency "Merichas" 22810 32248
Information Office 22810 32250
TAXI  6944 271609
Rent car / moto

22810 32248

6944 906568




National Bank of Greece

22810 32345

Emporiki Bank

 22810 32979




Archaeological Areas & Museum
Ecclesiastic and Byzantine Museum, Driopida


Folklore Museum, Driopida











Mega Ammos




Kalo Livadi
Loutra Liotrivi
Schoinari Lefkes
Stifo Zogakis
Agios Sostis Naousa


Agios Stefanos
Agia Irene Agios Dimirios
Flabouria Ai Nikolas
Mavrianos Maistralia
Trivlaka Gaidouromantra
Divlaka Skylou
Petrousa  Aousa


 Distances km
Merichas - Driopis km
Merichas - Chora 8 km
Merichas - Kalo Livadi 10 km
Merichas - Lefkes 10 km
Merichas - Aousa 11 km
Merichas - Kanala 11 km
Merichas - Flampouria 12 km
Merichas - Agios Stefanos 12 km
Merichas - Loutra 13 km.
Merichas - Agia Irene 14 km
Merichas - Gaiouromantra 16 km

Merichas - Agios Dimitrios

22 km

Chora - Loutra

5 km

Chora - Apokrousi

5 km

Loutra - Agios Dimitrios

35 km





Festivities (in summer)

Agioi Anargyroi Kosmas and Damianos
Driopida - Loutra

1 July 

Agia Marina
Merichas - Leukes

17 July 

Profet Ilias
Loutra - Chora - Schoinari 

20 July  

Agias Paraskevis
Driopida - Chora

26 July  

Metamorfosi Sotiros
Episkopi - Gaidouromantra - Psathi - Chora 

6 August

Virgin Mary
Panagia Kanala - Panagia Stratilatissa - Panagia Nikous 

15 August 

Agios Kosmas Aitolos
Kanala - Chora 

24 August 

Agios Mamas

2 September 

Ai Sostis

7 September  

Tou Stavrou

14 September  

Agios Efstathios

20 September 




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