West Cyclades


Milos is the island of Aphrodite, which was born by volcanic lava and came up from the deep blue Aegean sea!
It has a fabulous natural port, beautiful shores, village that are worth visiting and of course the famous catacombs. You can access the island by regular ship, by High Speed ferries or by airplane. As far as your request can be, you will be amazed of the small and the big beaches of the island.

In the beautiful "lacy" shores with the crystal blue water you will spend many hours of relaxation and entertainment. You can have many choices that will fill your time and give unique moments of pleasure.

Adamantas (Adamas) is the port of the island. The houses on the hill with their small beautiful yards and the pure white walls will certainly leave the best impression.

In Adamanta you will find the archeological museum and the Mining museum of Milos.

The beaches that you can visit in Adamantas are Lagada and Papikiniou, that attract many visitors. Both where granted the blue flag of the European Union.

map_ml.jpgThe night life can satisfy all kinds of people tastes, with choices that will  entertain you until the morning hours.

Plaka, the capital of the island, has a traditional insular architecture and a great view to the deep blue of Aegean sea.

Visit the medieval castle and enjoy the golden sunset, taste the local cuisine at the picturesque taverns and walk around in the alleys. The church of Panagia Thalassistra is a typical sample of the Cycladic architecture.

Don't miss to visit the Folklore Museum with the fabulous exhibits. The beautiful villages of Milos will definitely reward your expectations.

Tripiti with the traditional mills and the flagstone paved alleys will reward you with its picturesqueness. In Triovasalo and in Pera Triovasalo you will feel the grate hospitality of the locals.

In Polonia, a picturesque fishing village at the north east edge of the island, you will enjoy the sea and the facilities of the organized summer resort.

In the summer also revive some other seaside villages with beautiful shores as Paliohori, St. Kyriaki, Provatas, Klima, Mytakas, St. Konstantinos, Mandrakia, Fyropotamos, Pachena, Empourios, which are worth visiting.

On the island of Milos you can buy popular art things and souvenirs at an approachable price.

The residents of Milos, continuing of the old customs and traditions, organize festivities where they invite you to enjoy with them. You will have the chance to taste the traditional delicacies and the local wine, and to enjoy yourselves with the sounds of the traditional local music. In the first 10 days of July, the festival of Milos takes place with many cultural activities.

At the well known from the ancient years, spas of Milos, you will be relieved from various ailments. Also at the curative waters of Kanava you can have a reviving self care.

The beautiful shores of Milos hide a remarkable seabed with a beautiful flora, fish, lobsters and octopuses, waiting for you to explore. On the island there is also a diving school. Many beaches are suitable for sea sports as windsurf, scooter etc.

If you want to have a tour around the island you can take a boat from Adamanta. There is also a ferry boat, in Polonia, that can take you to the nearby island KIMOLOS.

Archeological sites, picturesque churches, interesting fauna, old mines are interesting choices for a walk.





Useful Phone Numbers

22870 60100


22870 21204

Tourist Police

22870 21378

Port Authority

22870 22100
22870 23360


22870 22381

Health Center, Plaka

22873 60001

22873 60030





Curative Springs

22873 60100

22873 60105

Hellenic Post Office 22870 21214
Association of Owners of Tourist Rooms
22870 28019
Association of Owners of Hotels 22870 23985
Tourist Information 22870 22445 
TAXI Adamas 22870 22219 
TAXI Triovasalos

22870 21306




National Bank of Greece, Adamantas

22870 27121

National Bank of Greece, Triovasalos

22870 27100

Pancretan BankPancretan Bank, Triovasalos

22870 28210

Alpha Bank, Adamantas 22870 27021
Peireus Bank, Adamantas 22870 27000



Archaeological Areas & Museum
Archeological Museum, Plaka 22870 21620 

Folk Museum, Tripiti

22870 21292 
Church Museum, Adamantas
22870 23956
Catacombs, Tripiti
22870 21625
Mining Museum, Adamantas
22870 22481
Naval Museum, Adamantas
22870 22445
Παραλίες Seashores





Agios Konstantinos





Agia Kiriaki

Provatas Sarakiniko
Achivadolimni Tria Pigadia
Agios Dimitrios Fatourena
Alogomantra Kapros
Papafragas Plathiena
Tourkothalassa Gerakas
Agios Sostis Kipos
Gerontas Firiplaka
Kleftiko Thiorichia
Tsigrado Kolimpisionas


Distances km
Adamantas - Pachaina 3 km
Adamantas  - Sarakiniko km
Adamantas  - Kanava 4 km
Adamantas - Triovasalos 4 km
Adamantas  - Mitikas 4 km
Adamantas  - Plaka km
Adamantas - Airport km
Adamantas - Tripiti 6 km
Adamantas - Firopotamos 6 km 
Adamantas - Katsaronas 7 km 
Adamantas - Klima km
Adamantas - Achivadolimni km
Adamantas - Zefiria 8 km
Adamantas - Areti 8 km
Adamantas - Provatas km
Adamantas - Fourkovouni 9 km
Adamantas - Paliochori km
Adamantas - Agioi Anargiroi 10 km
Adamantas - Filakopi 10 km
Adamantas - Pollonia 12 km
Adamantas - Psathadika 12 km
Adamantas - Voudia 14 km
Adamantas - Theiorichia 15 km
Adamantas - Emporeio 17 km
Adamantas - Agia Marina 17 km
Adamantas - Komia 18 km
Αδάμαντας - Ralakion Chalakos 22 km
Adamantas - Plakota 23 km
Adamantas - Agios Georgios 25 km
Adamantas - Xilokeratia 25 km
Plaka - Tripiti 2 km
Plaka - Firopotamos


Plaka - Zefiria


Plaka - Firiplaka

15 km

Plaka - Tsigkrado

15 km

Plaka - Emporeio

20 km

Chora - Mantrakia


Chora - Filakopi


Chora - Pollonia 12 km
Chora - Achivadolimni 12 km
Chora - Palaiochori 13 km
Chora - Provatas 13 km
Chora - Agia Kiriaki 14 km


Festivities (in summer)
Agioi Anargyroi
Agioi Anargyroi

1 July

Agia Kyriaki
Agia Kyriaki


Agia Marina
Chalakas, Triovasalos

16 July

Profete Ilias
Chalakas, Komia

19 July

Agia Paraskevi

26 July

Timios Stavros

31 July

Assumption of Virgin Mary (Panagia)
14 August

Assumption of Virgin Mary (Panagia)

15 August

Mary the “Curing” (Panagia)

17 August

Reveled Mary (Panagia)

22 August

Agios Fanourios
26 August

Agios Alexandros

29 August

Mytakas, Tripiti

31 August

Agios Sostis

6 September
Mary Mercyfull (Panagia)
Mary of Hilltop (Panagia)
Holy Cross
13 Σεπτεμβρίου
Agios Ioannis
16 September
Agia Sophia
17 September



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